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Application Tips for a variety of applications and uses.

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LEED Points Using Valves to Improve Efficiency of HVAC System

Griswold Controls has been a proud member of US Green Building Council (USGBC) for almost ten years. Although USGBC does not certify, [...]

Using Automatic Valves to Determine System Pump Requirements

The pumps in most chilled water systems are over-sized for the head pressure. Trimming the pump(s) to match the requirements of the [...]

Side Stream Filters

Side stream filters are installed on almost every commercial hydronic system, diverting a small portion of the total flow from the discharge [...]

Griswold Controls Solves Cold Shower Issues

Cold showers and lack of hot water are a building manager’s nightmares! Unbalanced systems also happen in domestic hot water recirc and [...]

Healthcare Facility Experts with 3000+ Successful Hospital Projects as Proof

Proven Applications in Healthcare Facilities  Griswold Controls valves have been installed in thousands of hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country. With [...]

Converting 3 – Point Floating Actuators to On/Off Actuators

With more and more actuator manufacturers removing on/off control actuators from their product line, the Controls Contractor is forced to find ways [...]

Using A Control Valve For Heat Pump Applications

Heat pump applications require a quick opening actuated control valve to protect the compressor from failure – most manufacturers recommend that the [...]

Pressure Testing with Air Versus Pressure Testing with Water

Pressure Testing with Air versus with Water Pressure Testing with Air versus Pressure Testing with Water to detect leakage is a common [...]

Air in HVAC Systems

Griswold Controls recommends venting the air from the HVAC system to protect equipment from damage and limit noise. Air trapped in a [...]

Using Griswold Controls Valves for Fluids Other Than Water

Griswold Controls Valves can control the flowrate in fluids other than water, including air. A simple equation can be used to convert [...]

Benefit of Using Flow Limiting Valves with Modulating Temperature Control Valves

~Authored by Jerry Boulanger Many statements have been made about the unsuitability of automatic flow control valves (more accurately called flow limiters) [...]

Fail-safe – Capacitor Return vs. Spring Return

A fail-safe actuator returns to a pre-set home position when power is removed from the actuator. In comparison a non fail-safe actuator [...]

Advantages of the Next Generation Stem

Have you ever wished you could repair a leaking valve in the field without having to remove the valve from the system? [...]

Cooling Computer Data Centers for Decades

Heat may be your friend on a tropical vacation but in a computer data center, heat is your number one enemy! Griswold [...]

Using the MVP® to Protect Your Chiller in a Variable Primary Flow System

In Variable Speed Pumping systems the chiller must be protected from changes in flow rate because changing flow rates can cause pressure [...]

Piping Pressure Independent Valves in Parallel for Greater Flows

The Pressure Independent Valves, PIC-V and MVP, can be piped in a parallel orientation to achieve flowrates greater than the maximum flowrate [...]

Greenhouses & Cannabis Grow Facilities

Griswold Controls Pressure Independent Valves and Actuated Valves have been installed for years in grow facilities around North America to help improve [...]

Chilled Beam Systems

“Hot air rises,” he grumbled as he climbed the ladder toward the ceiling, his boot tips clicking on each rung of the [...]

Healthcare Facility Experts with 3000+ Successful Hospital Projects as Proof

Griswold Controls valves have been installed in thousands of hospitals and health care facilities across the country. With our substantial experience, we [...]

Protect Your Cooling Towers with Hi-Flow Cartridges

Griswold Controls’ Hi-Flow automatic balance cartridge was designed for the unique needs of a cooling tower and has been used for decades [...]

Converting Actuator Requiring 2-10vdc to Accept 4-20mA Signal

One of the differences among building control systems and electronic products like actuators is the type of control signals that are acceptable. [...]

Hotels – Ensuring Guest Comfort 24/7 using Griswold Controls Valves

Hotels take hospitality seriously! A good hotel’s first priority is to take care of their guest and make them comfortable. Griswold Controls [...]

Heating and Cooling Schools and Universities for Decades

Maintaining optimal heating and cooling in an educational facility isn’t just about student and teacher comfort. While studies show that students learn [...]

3-Way Control Valves or Pressure Independent Valves?

A 3-way control valve shuts off water flow in one pipe while opening water flow in another pipe. In a modulating or [...]