Company Profile

Celebrating Over 60 Years as the Leader in Flow Control Technology

Griswold Controls pioneered automatic flow control with the introduction of its stainless steel flow cartridge in 1960. Over 60 years later, our innovation, quality, and reliability continue to set us apart from the competition. From the original 100% stainless steel cartridge for automatic flow controls to the Automizer® the first combination actuated control ball valve with automatic flow limit controls, Griswold Controls is the leader in HVAC technology for flow control.
Griswold Controls - Irrigation and HVAC Valves
Griswold Controls focuses on the needs of the industry, offering flow control solutions that are innovative, versatile, and fit the applications. They are the leader in HVAC technology for flow control and the experts in irrigation applications for their product categories.

Griswold Controls continues to develop new, innovative products for terminal units, heat pumps, air handlers, and equipment room installations. Griswold Controls understands the challenges faced by contractors and engineers in designing and installing HVAC systems, and they create solutions that meet those challenges.

Griswold Controls has been “Going Green” for years now with our concerted efforts to improve the energy efficiency of HVAC systems in America. We strive to bring you energy efficient products, technologies, and features. Our goal is to highlight energy efficient products and demonstrate how resources are saved by using them. We will also provide general information and ways you can save energy in your business, office, school, or other facilities. Griswold Controls wants to be your “Green” headquarters by offering products, information, and tips on conserving energy.

Each new innovation Griswold Controls developed over the years has helped contractors grow their business; has provided engineers with better working, lower-cost systems; and has offered building owners improved comfort and system operating efficiencies combined with utility cost savings.

In addition to offering valves and pre-assembled systems for the HVAC industry, Griswold Controls also offers irrigation valves and pre-assembled piping systems for the landscaping market. Griswold Controls’ goal is to offer a unique line of products that solves problems and features superior quality and high performance in fluid control. Griswold Controls has a large knowledgeable staff with a high degree of efficiency, and a drive to provide service to each of the markets we serve.