Product Calculator

Product Selection Software

For The Selection of Cv Values For QuickSets®, Automizers®, & Unimizers®

The Griswold Controls Product Calculator Software is designed to provide the user a tool to size and select both the Griswold QuickSet Manual Balancing Valves and the Griswold Actuated Ball Valves (Unimizer® and Automizer®). The software allows the user to enter values in fields and using the Guidelines provided, select the appropriate Cv for the specific application.

Selecting QuickSet® Venturi Products
The Griswold Product Calculator for the Griswold QuickSet® Manual Balancing Valves allows you to enter a flow rate (GPM), select a product size and Cv, and calculate the expected signal (inches W.C.) and permanent pressure loss (PSID). You can also select pipe size and material and determine the average velocity (Ft/Sec). The values entered and calculated can then be added directly to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, which is also included with the software installation. A Guideline tool is also included with the Calculator to assist you with the calculations.

Selecting Automizer® and Unimizer® Products
The Griswold Product Calculator for the Griswold Automizer® and Unimizer® allows you to enter a flow rate (GPM), select the type of control valve (Automizer® or Unimizer®), select the control application type (modulating or on/off), and determine the Cv. The software not only calculates the Cv but also provides information on Valve Authority. Like the QuickSet® portion of the software, you can calculate Average Velocity (Ft/Sec), based on the adjoining pipe type and size. Again all information using the calculator can be exported to a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. A Guideline tool is also provided to assist with your calculations.

Griswold Controls Product Calculator

System Requirements:

  • Windows® 9x, ME, XP, NT and 2000
  • 3.0 Mb of disk space

Note: To use the Excel feature of this software, you must have loaded Microsoft Excel. The “Open” and “Add” functions for Microsoft Excel will only work if the Excel.exe file is in the following path: C:\Programs\Microsoft Office\Office

Download & Installation

To install the software, use the following instructions:

  • Download software in ZIP file: 6/11/14 – Griswold Controls Product Calculator
  • Download Apple App Here and Android Here
  • Select to “save file to disk”. Download will be a self extracting zip file. Remember to note the location where you are saving the file.
  • Find file using “Explorer” or other file manager utility. Double clicking on file named “GCproducts.exe” will self extract file and begin installation process.
  • Follow on screen instructions to complete installation.

For assistance with using the Griswold Controls Product Calculator, refer to help section included with software.

Note: If you already had a prior version installed, uninstall and install new full version for best performance.