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Application Tips for a variety of applications and uses.

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Chilled Beam Systems

“Hot air rises,” he grumbled as he climbed the ladder toward the ceiling, his boot tips clicking on each rung of the [...]

Using A Control Valve For Heat Pump Applications

Heat pump applications require a quick opening actuated control valve to protect the compressor from failure – most manufacturers recommend that the [...]

Using Automatic Valves to Determine System Pump Requirements

Automatic Valves can be used to determine System Pump Requirements. The pumps in most chilled water systems are over-sized for the head [...]

Protect Your Cooling Towers with Hi-Flow Cartridges

Griswold Controls’ Hi-Flow automatic balance cartridge was designed for the unique needs of a cooling tower and has been used for decades [...]

Side Stream Filters

Side stream filters are installed on almost every commercial hydronic system, diverting a small portion of the total flow from the discharge [...]

MVP® Helps to Protect Your Chiller in a Variable Primary Flow System

In Variable Speed Pumping systems the chiller must be protected from changes in flow rate because changing flow rates can cause pressure [...]

Benefit of Using Flow Limiting Valves with Modulating Temperature Control Valves

~Authored by Jerry Boulanger Many statements have been made about the unsuitability of automatic flow control valves (more accurately called flow limiters) [...]

Fail-safe – Capacitor Return vs. Spring Return

A fail-safe actuator returns to a pre-set home position when power is removed from the actuator. In comparison a non fail-safe actuator [...]