3D & 2D Drawing Library

Griswold Controls is pleased to offer the following product drawing library to support architect, IER and contractor customers.

IGES Format (3D Models for BIM including Revit)

Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (IGES) is a file format which defines a vendor neutral data format that allows the digital exchange of information among Computer-aided design (CAD) systems. Because it is a neutral format it can be imported into most BIM software including Revit.

Griswold Controls offers the following IGES files for use in the planning and design of HVAC systems using Griswold Controls products. Each drawing represents a 3D model of a Griswold Control product. Download zipped file for drawings specified and extract to hard drive to open. To import into Revit please follow this process.

  • Use IGESIMPORT command in AutoCAD 2015
  • Save DWG
  • Import the DWG to a Revit family
  • Copy and Paste Aligned to Same Place
  • Explode one of the instances

DWG Format (2D Drawings)

It is the native format for several CAD packages including AutoCAD, IntelliCAD (and its variants) and Caddie. In addition, DWG is supported non-natively by many other CAD applications. Download zipped file for drawings specified and extract to hard drive to open. 2D products are representative of product available and are not to scale.

FormatProduct Type/File NameZipped File Includes
IGESActuated Control Valves

Sec-01 2 Way 3 Way Actuated Ball Valves.zip
1/2″–6″ 2 Way Unimizer® Valves
1/2″–6″ 3 Way Unimizer® Valves
Water Tight Enclosures
IGESAutomatic Flow Control Valves

Sec-03 Automatic Flow Controls.zip
1/2″ – 3″ K Valve
1/2″ – 3″ Isolator R
1/2″ – 2″ Isolator Y
2-1/2″ – 3″ Uni-Flange
1/2″ – 1-1/2″ Threaded Mini
1-1/2″ – 3″ Threaded Flange
3″ Threaded High Capacity
3″ – 18″ Wafer
1-1/4″ – 20″ Grooved End
2-1/2″ – 20″ Steel Flange

Sec-02 Automizer Combination Controls Valves.zip

1/2″ – 3″ Automizer® Valves
(including Space Saver models)
IGESManual Flow Control Valves

Sec-05 QuickSet Manual Balancing Valves.zip
1/2″ – 2″ QuickSet® Manual
Balancing Valves
(including Space Saver models)
IGESLarge Metering Stations & Manual Flow Control Valves

Metering Station 2-1/2"
Metering Station w/Accessory Ports 2-1/2"
QuickSet 2-1/2"

Metering Station 3"
Metering Station w/Accessory Ports 3"
QuickSet 3"

Metering Station 4"
Metering Station w/Accessory Ports 4"
QuickSet 4"

Metering Station 5"
UNAVAILABLE - Metering Station w/Accessory Ports 5"
QuickSet 5"

Metering Station 6"
Metering Station w/Accessory Ports 6"
QuickSet 6"

Metering Station 8"
Metering Station w/Accessory Ports 8"
QuickSet 8"

Metering Station 10"
Metering Station w/Accessory Ports 10"
QuickSet 10"

Metering Station 12"
Metering Station w/Accessory Ports 12"
QuickSet 12"

Metering Station 14"
Metering Station w/Accessory Ports 14"
UNAVAILABLE - QuickSet 14"

Metering Station 16"
Metering Station w/Accessory Ports 16"
UNAVAILABLE - QuickSet 16"

Metering Station 18"
Metering Station w/Accessory Ports 18"
UNAVAILABLE - QuickSet 18"
2-1/2"-18″ Metering Stations and QuickSet® Manual
Balancing Valves
DWGSpeedset Manual Flow Control Valves

1/2" - 2" Speedset Manual Flow Control Valves
IGESPressure Independent Control Valves

Sec-07 Pressure Independent Control Valves.zip
1/2″ – 3″ PIC-V® (including Space Saver)
2-1/2″ – 6″ MVP®
IGESPiping Components

Sec-04 Piping Components and Accessories.zip
1/2″ – 3″ Isolator U (Union)
1/2″ – 2″ Isolator B (Union Ball Valve)
1/2″ – 3″ Isolator S (Combination BV & Strainer)
2-1/2″ – 8″ Y-Strainer & Butterfly Valve
DWGActuated Control Valves

2 Way Unimizer®
3 Way Unimizer®
DWGAutomatic Flow Control Valves

Isolator R
Isolator Y
Threaded Flange
DWGCoil Piping Packages (Coil Hook Ups)

CPP-xIRIS,1, 2, & 3 Way, IRIS Packages
CPP-xQIS, 1,2 & 3 Way, QuickSet® Packages
CPP-xY, 1, 2 & 3 Way, Isolator Y Packages
CPP-2A, Automizer® Package
DWGHose Kits

Hose Kit #3
Hose Kit #4
Hose Kit #13
Hose Kit #14
Hose Kit #17
Hose Kit #17L
Hose Kit #18
Hose Kit #18L
DWGManual Balancing Valves

Metering Stations
DWGActuated Control Valves

PIC_V Dwgs.zip
MVP Dwgs.zip
DWGPiping Components

Isolator S
Isolator B
Y-Strainer Ball Valve
Y-Strainer Butterfly Valve
DWGMaster Drawing

All DWG in one file

For additional assistance, or more information on drawing files, please contact the factory.