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Converting 3 – Point Floating Actuators to On/Off Actuators

With more and more actuator manufacturers removing on/off control actuators from their product line, the Controls Contractor is forced to find ways [...]

Advantages of the Next Generation Stem

Have you ever wished you could repair a leaking valve in the field without having to remove the valve from the system? [...]

3-Way Control Valves or Pressure Independent Valves?

A 3-way control valve shuts off water flow in one pipe while opening water flow in another pipe. In a modulating or [...]

Converting Actuator Requiring 2-10vdc to Accept 4-20mA Signal

One of the differences among building control systems and electronic products like actuators is the type of control signals that are acceptable. [...]

Fail-safe – Capacitor Return vs. Spring Return

A fail-safe actuator returns to a pre-set home position when power is removed from the actuator. In comparison a non fail-safe actuator [...]

Measuring Flow – Venturis Are the Best!

Griswold Controls’ Modified Venturi with Disturbed Flow Technology When a Contractor’s Manual Balance Valve readings are anything less than ±1% accurate, the [...]

Piping Pressure Independent Valves in Parallel for Greater Flows

The Pressure Independent Valves, PIC-V and MVP, can be piped in a parallel orientation to achieve flowrates greater than the maximum flowrate [...]