North Seattle College Library Renovation

Location: Seattle, Washington
Date of Completion: 2021
Representative: Proctor Sales
Griswold Controls Products Used: Automatic CPP-2IRIS with Unimizers



Space Needle, national parks, and rain: these are all things that students at North Seattle College are familiar with. Located north of one of the biggest cities in the US it is the suitably named North Seattle College.

When compared to all of the colleges in Washington state, North Seattle College ranks very high. According to this source, North Seattle ranks in the top 20% for highest post-graduation earnings. If that’s not impressive enough, the student to teacher ratio has dropped from 38:1 to 19:1 over the last 5 years.

The school is clearly making strides to improve as any good organization would, and one of those ways is through the quality of their HVAC systems. Seattle is known as one of the greenest cities in US, so the university’s choice of energy efficient balancing valves fits in with the goal to reduce the city’s energy usage.

Project Description:

For many people who went to college, we know that the library is the heartbeat of a school. Across the country there are plenty of libraries and all of them have hosted hours upon hours of study and helped millions of people achieve academic, professional, and personal goals. Studies show that being too-hot or too-cold isn’t conducive to learning so comfort is vital in a library and school. Read more here.

The forged brass automatic flow control valve assembly of the coil piping package includes an integrated isolation ball valve and stainless-steel flow control cartridge to maintain constant flow in spite of pressure changes. This cartridge can be removed for inspection or conveniently replaced without disturbing piping connections. Continuing that thread of convenience, the valve housing includes field repairable dual

Teflon and EPDM O-ring seal stem, with a nickel plated ball. Valves includes one fixed end connection and one union connection including a union nut and EPDM O-ring. Finally, the valve body has two ports with (1) Pressure/Temperature Test Valves, and (1) combination Pressure/Temperature Test Valves and manual air vent.

Photos from North Seattle College

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