Maintaining optimal heating and cooling in an educational facility isn’t just about student and teacher comfort. While studies show that students learn better in comfortable temperatures, students of this generation care more about sustainable living than any prior generation and base many decisions, including their educational choices, on green living. Therefore, reducing your campus’ carbon footprint, while saving money on HVAC energy costs and maintaining student comfort, helps your campus’s HVAC System score an A+ for efficiency.
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Reduce Energy to Heat and Cool Buildings
For over 55 years, Griswold Controls has improved the efficiency of hydronic HVAC equipment (coils, AHU, terminal units, etc) in HVAC Systems by controlling the flow rate of hot or cold water to the coils. Griswold Controls designed the first balance valve on the market, our automatic flow limiting cartridge controls the flow regardless of pressure changes in the system; which guarantees the coil performs at the engineer’s design Delta T at all times. Controlling the flow also eliminates distracting water noise that occurs when a system pumps too much conditioned water. In the early 2000s, Griswold Controls launched pressure independent valves for Universities and School campuses. Controlling the climate is a precise job. With a pressure independent valve you can control the flow at all times, even in reduced load conditions. Griswold Controls’ latest product line, the EPIC System, directly controls the Delta T of the coil, reducing energy from over-pumping while maintaining adequate cooling.
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Guaranteed Heating and Cooling
Automatic flow limiting valves, pressure independent valves, and the EPIC System are all automatic and don’t require any balancing at the job site, so the flow rate or Delta T at the coil meets the engineer’s design specifications from the moment the system is started up. They continue to provide design flow or design Delta T even as the building is occupied and the loads change, guaranteeing the correct heating or cooling at all times and helping your campus facilities “make the grade!”

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