University of California Merced

Griswold Controls helps UC Merced meet it’s “green” campus mission through the use of the 2000 series valves to operate the irrigation systems.

Application: Irrigation Project
Griswold Controls Solution: 2000 Series Irrigation Valves
Consultants: I.S.C. of Livermore, California
Completion Date: September 5, 2005

UC Merced, the 10th campus in the prestigious University of California system and the first major American research university to be built in the 21st century, opened September 5, 2005. Only 2 major buildings are finished at this time, with an estimated completion project timeline of five to seven years. The long range plans call for a 2,000 acre campus surrounded by an 8,300 acre community. Building design and construction emphasized the use of the most cutting edge “green” building practices, reflecting the university’s commitment to environmental conservation and stewardship.

UC Merced is the first new UC campus in 40 years. It was authorized by the California Legislature in 1988 to address the higher-education needs of the state’s fastest-growing region, the San Joaquin Valley (population 3.5 million), and provide added capacity for the UC system at about half the rate of students from other parts of the state. UC Merced increases educational access and opportunities for valley students and contributes to the economic growth of Central California.

The San Joaquin Valley, where UC Merced is located, is extremely hot and dry during the summer and cool and damp in the winter. Summer temperatures are consistently in the mid to upper 90’s in the area, with some locations topping out at 115°.

The university’s irrigation plan had to incorporate the extreme summer temperatures along with principles for green landscaping. The consultants on the project, I.S.C. of Livermore, California, chose Griswold Controls 2000 series valves to operate the irrigation systems, noting that they were the most reliable valves for that environment and the scope of the project. Several hundred 2000 series valves have been installed so far, with several thousand to be used over the life of the project.

2000 series valves are self cleaning, requiring no filters or screen to replace; self closing, minimizing stress to the pipes, joints, and sprinkler heads; and constructed of brass and heavy duty cast iron. No other valve is as versatile or has the potential to save thousands of dollars in potential pipe repairs and maintenance costs.

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