L&I/WSDA Safety and Health Lab

Location: Tumwater, WA
Date of Completion: November 2022
Representative: Proctor Sales
Griswold Controls Products Used: Automatic & Manual CPPS – 2IRIS and 1QIB



Facility Description:

The L&I/WSDA Safety and Health Lab Training Center is a state-of-the-art facility and here is proof that it absolutely fits that description. Term: State-of-the-art. Definition: the level of development (as of a device, procedure, process, technique, or science) reached at any particular time usually as a result of modern methods. The 53,154 square foot facility will provide a state-of-the-art environment for: food safety, hazardous chemical testing, offices, and conference rooms. They are living up to the term state-of-the-art by planning to include electric vehicle charging stations, high efficiency water fixtures, nighttime light pollution reduction system, and a low-energy LED interior lighting system. Furthermore, the lab area will be equipped with temperature control rooms, workspaces, and analytical instruments for staff. A larger training center will allow for more students to attend lessons at once, and a designated outdoor area will be available to demonstrate heavy earthmoving equipment, cranes, scaffolding, and more.

WSDA, currently has five labs squeezed into a former warehouse in Olympia, including a lab that conducts analysis important for food safety, a plant pathology lab, and a entomology lab

Project Description:

With the state’s efforts to decarbonize and transition to 100 percent clean energy over the next two decades, this project will showcase sustainable green building strategies that set the bar high for all new state buildings. Washington state is known to be one of the greenest states in US, so the choice of energy efficient automatic balancing valves fits in with the goal to reduce the city’s energy usage as the valves limit overflow of water and reduce pump energy.


If you visit the L&I/WSDA Safety and Health Lab Training Center, you will find approximately 250 packages including automatic and manual CPPS, 2IRIS and 1QIB with customer supplied actuators. This Coil Piping Packing (CPP-2IRIS) has an automatic control flow limiting valve, a union with CPTA (Optional CPTA and Coin-Op Air vent or CPTA and Drain Valve). Isolator S has a combination Y-Strainer and Ball Valve with CPTA & Drain Valve (Optional 2nd CPTA).

Photos provided by DJC

About Proctor Sales

Proctor Sales (PSi) was founded in Seattle by John Proctor in 1957. The venture started as a small manufacturing company which produced natural gas to propane conversion plants and evolved into a sales rep business as more HVAC manufacturers sought representation in the growing Pacific Northwest. PSi still represents Weil-McLain which named the fledgling company its representative on April 3, 1957. Today, Proctor Sales is dedicated to carrying the strong history of John Proctor and Dick Newkirk into the future. At each of their offices an owner stands ready to make sure that PSi meets the obligations to their customers, manufacturer partners, and employee.

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