University of California, Irvine

A Higher Tech Education – Ease of installation and continued product support make the difference at UC Irvine
Griswold Controls Solution: Automizer® Coil Piping Packages
Contractor: A.O. Reed
Mechanical Engineer: GEM Engineering & UCI Engineering
Griswold Controls Rep Firm: J.D. Sales Company
Completion Date: September 5, 2005
Griwsold Controls Case Study - UC Irvine
J.D. Sales in Southern California took the time to educate their customer about the higher technology solution of Automizer™ Combination Control Valves, and were rewarded for their efforts with a big order of over 200 CPP-2A coil piping packages and a very happy customer.

Mechanical Engineering firm GEM Engineering (San Diego) in conjunction with UC Irvine contacted J.D. Sales Company in early 2003. They required complete coil hookups for their project at the Natural Science Unit II building at the University of California, Irvine. Mahendra Mistry, owner of J.D. Sales Company, gave pricing to the contractor, A.O. Reed & Company, that he thought would surely bring him the job. Unfortunately, a lowprice competitor came in with a bottomscraping price.

The reviewing Mechanical Engineer from UC Irvine contacted Mahendra Mistry on acceptability of the competitor’s product and after careful consideration the engineer decided to turn it down on technical reasons.

The engineering team at UC Irvine planned to use separate components in their design: actuated globe valves, strainers, unions and isolation ball valves. Regional Director (Western Region) Joe Schaefers and Vice President of Sales Jim Hoctor accompanied J.D. Sales Company staff on a meeting with the engineers at UC Irvine, to discuss the advantages of using Griswold’s Automizer™ Combination Control Valves over actuated globe valves.

Mahendra Mistry said the sample cutaway valve he brought along really grabbed the engineers’ attention. He showed the engineers how the design of Griswold’s Optimizer™ Parabolic Flow Insert delivers the performance of a globe valve at a ball valve price. They also reviewed the advantages of the CPP-2A coil piping package, emphasizing the multifunction aspect of Griswold’s valves, and giving contractors the entire coil hookup in just two valves.

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With the Automizer packages, our guy was able to install 9 per day!”
— Kevin P. Campbell
AO Reed & Company

Site Foreman for A.O. Reed and Company, Kevin Campbell, was worried about installation because he wanted to use his skilled labor most efficiently. Griswold CPP-2A came to the rescue. Normally, one man can install 3.5 or maybe 4 coil hookups in one day. “With the Automizer packages” said Kevin. “Our guy was able to install 9 packages per day.” Automizer™ Combination Control Valve packages not only gave the contractor the entire coil hookup in just two valves, they cut labor at installation. That’s because they require only four connections instead of over ten with individual products.

Remember, low-cost competitors can make sales difficult, but when you take the time to give your customer a higher technology education about Griswold products, they’ll pay back your efforts with orders.

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