400 Central Residency

Location: St. Petersburg, Florida
Griswold Controls Products Used: Hose Kits with Automatic Flow Limiting K Valves



In the sun-kissed landscape of St. Petersburg, Florida, the soaring silhouette of the 46-story 400 Central Residency stands as a new pinnacle of luxury living. With panoramic views stretching from Tampa Bay to the Gulf of Mexico, this project will boast over 300 designer homes that will serve as a testament to modern city living, convenience, and efficiency. Beyond the private retreats, the project introduces a ground-level haven featuring retail and dining, a resort-style pool, an avant-garde fitness center, a sky lounge observatory, and the distinctive touch of a lifestyle coordinator. Born from the internationally acclaimed minds of Vincent Celano and Arquitectonica, dominating the West Coast skyline was this project’s birthright.

Challenges and Solutions:

Navigating the challenges of a high-rise structure, the project demanded an HVAC system adept at handling varying loads, high pressures, and the constraints of limited space. Griswold Controls’ Hose Kits simplified installation, reduced the risk of leaks, and offered vital features such as vibration isolation, noise reduction, and thermal expansion compensation.

Complementing this, Automatic Flow Limiting K Valves showcased self-balancing capabilities, maintaining a constant flow rate despite system pressure fluctuations. This eliminated the need for manual balancing, saving significant time and labor costs. The K Valves ensured precise and consistent flow control, enhancing the overall efficiency of the HVAC system.

Benefits and Outcomes:

The strategic integration of Griswold Controls’ Hose Kits and Automatic Flow Limiting K Valves delivered a high-quality, cost-effective HVAC system, exceeding customer expectations. Residents experienced enhanced comfort and satisfaction, thanks to the reliability and energy-saving attributes of these innovative products.

Products Used:

To realize an HVAC system that seamlessly marries comfort and energy efficiency, the project turned to Griswold Controls’ Hose Kits and Automatic Flow Limiting K Valves. Represented by the trusted partner Jascko Corp., these products played a pivotal role in crafting a high-performance heating and cooling infrastructure.

About Jascko Corp.

Jascko Corp., a stalwart in HVAC representation since 2005, provided invaluable support throughout the project. Their technical expertise, product selection guidance, and unwavering customer service underscored their commitment to excellence. Their clients benefit from their comprehensive knowledge of industry standards and systems solutions. They gladly assist owners and consulting engineers with the design of HVAC systems for commercial, institutional, and industrial applications, and assist contractors with their project coordination from bid day to project completion and beyond.

Proudly representing Griswold Controls, Jascko Corp. played a crucial role in bringing efficiency and innovation to the forefront of the HVAC market, marking yet another successful collaboration in Southeast Florida.

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