First National Bank Tower

Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Date of Completion: 2002
Representative: Hydronic Energy
Griswold Controls Products Used: Originally built with Ultra Z Packages. Now being retrofitted with approximately 800 CPP-IY kits.



Facility Description:

The First National Bank Tower rules the Omaha skyline with the next tallest building at a thirteen-story deficit. It not only has the Omaha skyline, but this Tower is the tallest in a six-state region and the tallest tower between Denver, Colorado and Minneapolis, Minnesota. The designer’s goal was to build a tower that was to be a landmark while keeping the urban and midwestern elements intact. The urban elements are bare for all to see at 43 stories and 999,100 square feet. The midwestern inspiration comes from the warm-colored masonry and the five garages near the building connected by private and public walkway tunnels to shield pedestrians from the elements. Finally, there are three unique things to note about this tower:

1. There are setbacks that open up all around the building to resemble a flower blooming.

2. This building has four awards to its name, two of which are from the American Council of Engineering Companies which is the largest and oldest association of engineering companies.

3. On the North side of the building, there is a 10,000 square foot wintergarden which acts as a focal point.

Project Description:

Originally fitted with the Ultra Z packages in 2002, the First National Bank Tower is undergoing a retrofit with Hydronic Energy, using the Griswold Controls Isolator Y packages. Isolator Y valves are available with a wide range of flows and PSID ranges, and with pressure/temperature test valves, drain valve and choice of union end piece; they make for the perfect choice for tight spaces. The valves offer easily accessible flow control cartridges, accessible without breaking piping connections, so the exchange of the cartridge for flow changes can be made as required. Isolator Y valves are the perfect choice for terminal boxes, VAV boxes, fan coil units, heat pump installations, and base board/in cabinets.

About Hydronic Energy 

Hydronic Energy is a manufactures’ representative that sells HVAC equipment in commercial, residential, and industrial markets in Iowa, Nebraska, Eastern South Dakota, and Western Illinois. They represent the best manufactures in the industry and their goal is to bring integrity and the highest level of service possible to our customers. Their corporate office is located in Urbandale, IA with a branch office in Omaha, NE. Hydronic Energy was founded in 1978. Throughout the years their focus to provide the best products and service has not changed.

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