CBS Studios, Manhattan, New York

Ensuring TV anchors keep their cool using MVP valves and Isolator™ Rs Uni-Flanges on chilled water system.

CBS Studios Case Study

CBS Studios building lights up Manhattan sky line

Application: Television and sound studios
Griswold Controls Solution: MVP™ pressure independent control valves
Isolator™ Rs Uni-Flanges
Contractor: A.D. Winston Corporation, New York, NY
Engineer/Consultant: MDM Consulting Engineers
Completion Date: 2005 (Seven weeks for entire job)

CBS Studios faced a daunting challenge in trying to control the cooling capacity in the sound and TV studios located at their Manhattan facility. It is critical that they maintain a specific temperature in the studios, something they had not been able to do successfully for quite some time. The facility is over 60 years old and there are numerous mechanical rooms with multiple pumps servicing the HVAC equipment. The manual balancers in place were having extreme difficulty balancing the system based on partial use of pumps controlled by VFDs. CBS considered using two or more pumps and mixing the water, but thought it would be difficult to control. They decided to contract Griswold Controls to see if they had a solution.

Kristen Ortlinghaus, Griswold Controls Director of Product Management and Marketing, and MDM Consulting Engineers, the engineer of record, worked together to ensure that CBS Studios could successfully use multiple pumping stations while mixing chilled water. They decided that Griswold Controls’ MVP™ pressure independent control valves, Isolator™ Rs, and Uni-Flanges would be the correct products for this application. A.D. Winston Corporation, a mechanical contractor in New York City who has enjoyed a long-term relationship with CBS, was the successful bidder and awarded the project. In order to meet a very rigorous installation schedule, Griswold Controls expedited the procurement of materials and building of the valves and shipped them from their facility in Irvine, California, directly to the CBS studios in New York City. From the time the contract was signed, the first shipment of valves was ready to be installed four weeks later, and the entire job was completely installed within seven weeks.

Case Study - CBS Studios

CBS Studios mechanical room

After project completion, the Griswold Controls sales representative and our regional director along with the engineers from MDM met with CBS to review the project. The CBS representatives stated that they were very, very pleased with the Griswold Controls products, so much so that they already had two more MVP valves specified for use in an upcoming project. Ultimately, CBS is contemplating changing all of their manual balanced coils to Griswold Controls product in the future. With their problem solved and everything working exactly as planned, CBS is now eagerly anticipating the long-term cost savings that will be realized from the installation of the Griswold Controls valves.

Next Generation valves feature Griswold Controls’ patent pending field repairable stem design, providing resistance to today’s chemical treatments and to temperature fluctuations following evening system shutdown. In addition, they allow for field servicing without having to remove the valve from the system.

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