The Van Ness Campus at Cathedral Hill Hospital

Location: San Francisco, CaliforniaProject Name: Cathedral Hill Hospital
Date of Completion: Unknown
Representative: California Hydronics Corporation (CHC)
Griswold Controls Products Used: Lead Free K-Valves


Located in San Francisco, The Van Ness Campus at Cathedral Hill Hospital (CPMC) is a high-level regional hospital. It boasts advanced medical technology and private rooms with ample natural light and even a view. The replacement hospital project houses both an Acute Care Center and a Women’s and Children’s Center.

Beyond general medical and surgical services, the hospital also offers key specialty care. The 24-hour emergency room includes special pediatric emergency care provided by doctors board-certified in pediatrics and emergency medicine.

Awarded Hospital Centers

The Heart & Vascular Center was given a Platinum Performance Award for their heart attack care, and they are ranked as a high performer in heart bypass surgery.

Furthermore, CPMC’s Transplant Center has performed an impressive 6,000 kidney transplants, 2,000 liver transplants, and near 500 heart transplants over five decades and counting. Their multidisciplinary transplant team is well known for patient outcomes that surpass expectations.

The Birth Center offers many services, including natural childbirth coaching, professional lactation consultants, external and internal fetal monitoring, and a Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit that provides the comfort of private rooms for newborns who need extra care, including rooms for twins.

Additionally, for people with complex gastroenterology problems, CPMC offers advanced imaging and minimally invasive procedures for disorders of the esophagus, stomach, gallbladder, pancreas, small intestine, and colon.

Lead-Free K-Valve Advantages

With the addition of the Lead-Free K-Valves, Cathedral Hill Hospital was able to ensure the Cathedral Hill Hospital was equipped with an efficient automatic flow limiting valve to compliment the

K Valve (Automatic Flow Limiting Valve)

other recent upgrades.

Griswold Controls pioneered automatic flow limit control with the introduction of its stainless steel flow cartridge in 1960. Over fifty years later, our innovation, quality, and reliability continue to set us apart from the competition as we now offer a lead-free version of our most popular valves including the K Valve. Griswold Controls’ lead-free* brass K Valve meets the requirements of California’s AB1953 legislation and Federal Public Law 111-380. It is also ANSI/NSF-61 Annex G compliant. Our 3rd party certification for CA AB1953 and NSF-61 Annex G was performed by Truesdail Labs.


About California Hydronics Corporation (CHC)

For more than 60 years, they have been the premier Hydronics supplier in their territories, and that’s why you’ll find CHC represented products at the heart of better buildings that make up the cities we live in. They seize the initiative and work side by side with their partners to develop customized solutions to meet and exceed customer’s expectations. Like Griswold Controls, they value commitment, innovation, and partnership.

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