Aquarium of the Pacific – Otter Surrogacy

Video Credit: YouTube

Location: Long Beach, CA
Date of Completion: 2021
Representative: J.D. Sales
Griswold Controls Products Used: Isolator Y & Combination valves including automatic flow limiting, isolation, and a strainer.



Facility Description:

Over 11,000 animals, 500 different species, and exhibits ranging from 5,000 to 350,000 gallons; the aptly named Aquarium of the Pacific is a natural and technological marvel to behold. Don’t take our word for it, take the words of the 1.7 million annual visitors, the 1,200 volunteers, or the 35,000 membership households. They all love this place, even the animals; and that is not an accident. The aquarium can boast many ecological and sustainability honors which is almost expected when you wear the title of an ocean as an aquarium. These honors range from the first Platinum LEED-Certified building in Long Beach to earning two Green Globes certifications from the Green Globes®’ building rating system for demonstrating leadership in best practices regarding environmental efficiency. The building may be Green Globes certified and Platinum LEED-certified, but it’s also what goes on inside the building. The aquarium upholds these beliefs by breeding and rehabilitating endangered species, watershed education, climate resilience, and more.

This aquarium is also different from otter aquariums because the conservation efforts don’t stop at the doors. The wonderful people at the Aquarium of the Pacific teach classes on conservation, practice climate resilience, community science, and using sustainable seafood with their animals. One such animal is the sea otter which can be found at the largest aquarium in Southern California. Along with being absolutely adorable, these animals eat around 25% of their body weight daily, can hold their breath for 5 minutes, and have the thickest fur of any animal. This means that the otter’s habitat requires energy-efficient and high-performance HVAC to keep them comfortable on hot Californian days.

Project Description:

The Isolator Y valve was installed on the chilled water side of the heat exchanger, serving the new tanks for otter surrogacy.  The Aquarium of the Pacific has entrusted us with a vital part of the sea otter’s lifecycle and we are confident the Isolator Y’s stainless steel cartridge will dynamically absorb all system pressure fluctuations while maintaining a constant flow to their heating/cooling exchanger. The convenient feature about these vales is the fluctuations in pressure, within a given pressure differential control range, do not change the flow through the valve, therefore the flow is controlled to within +/- 5% of the designed flow.

All Automatic Flow Limiting Valves do not require any additional balancing as do Manual Balancing Valves, therefore they reduce labor costs from not having to balance and rebalance the valves. Isolator R, Isolator Y, and K valves are available with a wide range of flows and PSID ranges, and are the perfect choice for tight spaces. The valves offer easily accessible flow control cartridges, accessible without breaking piping connections, so exchange of the cartridge for flow changes can be made as required. Isolator and K valves are the perfect choice for terminal boxes, VAV boxes, fan coil units, heat pump installations, and baseboard/in cabinets.

About J.D. Sales

J. D. Sales Company has been a key partner with Griswold Controls in Southern California since 1982. Throughout the many years, this passionate team exemplifies professionalism and dedication to upholding Griswold’s highest standards of product and service to the communities we serve.

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