UT Southwestern Medical Center

Location: Dallas, Texas

Completion Date: 2023

Sales Rep: Texas Air Systems

Griswold Controls Products Used: Coil Piping Piping Packages including Automatic Flow Limiting IR Valve



The UT Southwestern has undertaken a transformative endeavor with the construction of its cutting-edge medical center. Set to emerge as a cornerstone of mental health care, this facility is poised to offer compassionate and comprehensive services to patients. The facility’s design prioritizes the unique needs of behavioral health care, crafting an environment that is both nurturing and secure for patients and staff alike.

This project set out with a goal: excellence in patient care and exemplifying how strategic integration of technology can elevate the health and well-being of patients and staff. As the facility has finished in 2023, it now stands poised to serve as a model for future healthcare construction endeavors, offering a beacon of hope and healing for the community it serves.

Challenges and Solutions:

Designing an HVAC system for a healthcare facility, particularly one dedicated to behavioral health, presents a distinctive set of challenges. The system must not only ensure comfort but also adhere to stringent health and safety standards. Drawing on their expertise, Texas Air Systems recommended Griswold Controls Coil Piping Packages and Automatic Flow Limiting IR Valves for their reliability and performance in healthcare applications. These two products were specifically selected for their ability to deliver precise temperature control and maintain air quality, both critical considerations in healthcare environments where patient well-being is very important.

Benefits and Outcomes:

The use of Griswold Controls’ products yielded a highly efficient and dependable HVAC system. The Automatic Flow Limiting IR Valves upheld consistent comfort levels throughout the facility, essential for the welfare of patients and staff. With the new and improved HVAC system in place, the staff now enjoys more comfort alongside improved energy efficiency, translating to reduced operational costs and a greener environmental footprint.

This project establishes a new benchmark for healthcare facilities across the industry.

Products Used:

Griswold Controls Coil Piping Packages were designed to simplify installation processes while ensuring system integrity. These packages come equipped with all necessary components for a complete coil connection, streamlining on-site assembly. This project also needed Automatic Flow Limiting IR Valves, instrumental in maintaining HVAC system balance. These valves employ stainless steel flow-limiting cartridges to dynamically absorb pressure fluctuations, regulating flow within a narrow +/- 5% range.

Photo from UT Southwestern

About Texas Air Systems

Texas Air Systems stands as a premier provider of HVAC solutions, renowned for their technical acumen and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Their collaboration with Griswold Controls on this project has been instrumental in delivering an HVAC system that meets UT Southwestern Medical Center’s exacting standards.

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