Actuated Valves

Unimizer® 2 & 3 Way Actuated Ball Valves

Sizes 1/2″ – 6″

2 Way & 3 Way Actuated Ball Valves
Accuracy: The Unimizer® eliminates inaccuracy in ball valves. This is made possible with the technology of the Griswold parabolic flow OPTIMIZER®, a device inserted into the ball to achieve Equal Percentage Control Characteristics.

Lower Cv Ratings: Why choose a ball valve over a globe valve? With the Unimizer® you can achieve the low Cv ratings of a globe valve at the low price of a ball valve. You can get the added benefit of higher close off pressure.

Compatibility: The Unimizer® is available in Female or Sweat threaded end connections. The Unimizer® sets the standard for compatibility, and Griswold’s Universal Solution offers the widest range of actuator choices in the industry.
Griswold Controls’ Patent Pending 3-Way Ball
Griswold Controls’ Patent Pending 3 Way Ball: Many manufacturers settle for providing non-equal percentage control to the coil, or they achieve equal percentage control by using a costly, custom programmed actuator. Griswold Controls’ Unimizer® achieve true equal percentage flow from the parabolic shape of the Optimizers® located at each port, thereby allowing the use of any standard, low cost actuator.

Recommended Applications:

  • Where actuated ball valves or globe valves are used to control the flow
  • Where mixing and diverting capabilities are required
  • For hotels & schools; air handling units, equipment rooms, and pipeline products
Unimizer® Specification Sheets & Product Information
F-4392 (PDF)Unimizer® (8 Page Color Brochure)
F-4331 (PDF)The Optimizer – The Original is Still the Best
F-4334 (PDF)Actuated Control Valve Sizing Guide
F-4286 (DOC)Unimizer® Written Specs
F-4286 (PDF)Unimizer® Written Specs
F-5395 (PDF)1/2″ – 3″ 2 Way Unimizer®
F-5396 (PDF)1/2″ – 3″ 3 Way Unimizer®
F-5358 (PDF)4″- 6″ 2 Way Unimizer®
F-5359 (PDF)4″- 6″ 3 Way Unimizer®
F-5367 (PDF)4″ – 6″ Flanged Unimizer® (1 Page Color Brochure)
F-5367-S (PDF)4″ – 6″ Flanged Unimizer® (1 Page Color Brochure) (Spanish)
F-5382 (PDF)Griswold Controls Actuators
F-709ZF (PDF)Installation, Operation and Maintenance (IOM)


Smallest Actuated Valve in the HVAC Industry

Griswold Controls Streamline Valves are the most compact actuated valve on the market with the actuator motor built directly into the valve housing.

The Streamline Control valve incorporates the original automatic flow limiting cartridge to maintain constant flow even when system pressures change.

The Streamline Zone valve is for actuated control only. The ceramic disc in the Streamline Control and Streamline Zone valves provides
bubble tight close off against highrise-level system pressures, the highest close off pressure in the industry!

Click Here: Streamline Balance Featured Project

Streamline Specification Sheets & Product Information
F-5629 (PDF)Streamline Brochure
F-5606 (PDF)Streamline Control Specification Sheet
F-5614 (PDF)Streamline Zone Specification Sheet
F-5621 (PDF)Streamline Installation & Operation Instructions (IOM)

Erie PopTop™ Zone Valves

Temperature Controllers

Erie Pop Top
Erie’s motorized hydronic valves, the PopTop™, provide convenient, reliable and easy installation for a variety of heating and cooling applications. Installation is a snap with easy, one-handed removal or engagement of the actuator to the valve body. Push the button and lift. It’s that simple.

Erie PopTop™ Zone Valves Specification Sheets & Product Information
(PDF)Erie PopTop™
(PDF)Erie PopTop™ Specifications Modulating
(PDF) Erie PopTop™ Specifications On-Off
(PDF)Erie PopTop™ IOM

JCI 6-Way Control Valve

Temperature Controllers

VG1600 Series 270° Six-Way Ball Valves are designed to regulate the flow in an easy and most efficient way of both hot and chilled water in response to the demand of a controller in HVAC systems. The 270° Six-Way Valve substitutes either four through valves or two through valves and one change-over valve. The VG1600 is supplied with control flow disks providing the right flow rate for a wide range of applications. Available in 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch sizes, the valve is operated by a 270° rotary multi-input signal non-spring return actuator.

JCI 6-Way Control Valves Specification Sheets & Product Information
(PDF)JCI 6-Way Control Valve Product Bulletin
(PDF)JCI 6-Way Control Valve Catalog
F-709ZF (PDF)Installation, Operation and Maintenance (IOM)