Irrigation High Limit Constant Flow Valves

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Irrigation High Limit Constant Flow Valves - K Valve
Griswold Controls’ Irrigation High Limit Constant Flow Valves limit the flowrate (gallons per minute) to your exact need.

Today a maintenance person can change the flow on an irrigation zone by easily adjusting the valve with the handle, increasing or decreasing that particular zone. This is a problem because the system is designed for a certain flow rate and by adjusting the valve you now are changing the performance of that particular zone.

Limiting the flowrate to design flow gives the designer and property manager the confidence that their system is performing to their criteria.

Valve Benefits:

  • No more overflow or underflow problems – flow is guaranteed to +/-5% regardless of pressure changes in the system
  • No need to adjust the valve – flowrate comes preset from factory
  • Easy to change the flowrate – in the 1/2″-3″ size you don’t need to remove the valve from the line to make a flowrate change
  • Corrosion resistant – brass housing in 1/2″-3″ valve and epoxy coated housing in 3″-20″ valves.
Literature & Specification Sheets
F-5516 (PDF)Introducing Irrigation High Limit Constant Flow Valves
F-2852 (PDF)1/2″ – 3″ K valve
F-4044 (PDF)3″ – 20″ Epoxy Class 150 Wafer
F-5387 (PDF)1/2″ – 3″ Isolator®S (Ball Valve/Y-Strainer)