Griswold Controls valves have been installed in thousands of hospitals and health care facilities across the country. With our substantial experience, we know that Hospital HVAC Systems work harder than HVAC systems in most buildings because they run 24/7/365 and contribute to the health of the patients in the room by improving air quality and mitigating airborne disease transmission. Most hospitals have year round cooling requirements due to medical devices or systems that generate tremendous amounts of heat such as imaging systems, bright lighting and refrigeration. Unlike most HVAC systems where comfort is the primary objective for design, engineers designing hospital HVAC systems have additional details to consider that impact health and safety. Therefore it’s critical that these systems operate with consistent high performance in the most cost efficient method possible.

Reduce Energy and Maintain Comfort
For over 55 years, Griswold Controls has improved the efficiency of hydronic HVAC equipment (coils, AHU, terminal units, etc) in hospitals, schools and office buildings by controlling the flowrate of hot or cold water to the coils. Griswold Controls designed the first balance valve on the market, our automatic flow limiting cartridge controls the flow regardless of pressure changes in the system; which guarantees the coil performs at the engineer’s design Delta T at all times. In the early 2000s, Griswold Controls was the first manufacturer to market pressure independent valves to hospitals for operating rooms. Controlling the climate in an operating room is a precise job and a pressure independent valve controls the flow at all times, even in reduced load conditions. Griswold Controls’ latest product line, the EPIC System, directly controls the Delta T of the coil, reducing energy from over-pumping while maintaining occupant comfort.
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Guaranteed Heating and Cooling When Critical Facilities Need It Most
Automatic flow limiting valves, pressure independent valves, and the EPIC System are all automatic and don’t require any balancing at the jobsite, so the flowrate or Delta T at the coil meets the engineer’s design specifications from the moment the system is started up. They continue to provide design flow or design Delta T even as the building is occupied and the loads change. By removing the need to balance and protecting the coils from changing flows due to system pressure changes, we guarantee the correct heating or cooling at all times. This means one less thing for the design engineer to worry about, making the Griswold Controls valves the perfect prescription for a healthy HVAC System.

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