PIM™-A pressure differential control valves

The New Griswold Controls PIM™-A Mini


We are excited to extend our product offering of PIM™-A pressure differential control valves to ½” and ¾” sizes. Like the larger valves, the PIM™-A Mini valves will control the pressure differential across anything.

As Griswold Controls representatives you are well aware of the importance of balancing a system so the flow remains constant in spite of pressure differential changes in the system. A pressure differential control valve does the same thing but in a different way. By maintaining a field-set pressure differential across the coil or valve the flow remains constant because the pressure remains constant even as system pressures change. You may have already encountered this type of product being offered by some competitors. It is a different way of maintaining design flow at a coil or valve.

A video of the valve’s features and benefits can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUIgPoqztqI&t=2s

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