Problems controlling flow?
Let our 55 years of expertise controlling flow help you.

Our Heritage

Griswold Controls first supplied valves in the swimming pool industry over 55 years ago to maintain constant flow despite system pressure changes. It quickly became apparent that the valves would solve a huge problem in the HVAC industry, maintaining constant flow at HVAC equipment. Over the years Griswold Controls has used our flow control expertise to enter the Irrigation valve market, the Actuated valve market as well as various Industrial Process markets.

We have helped customers control the flow of water, chemicals and air and we are a respected global flow control expert. Today, we offer the experience and product solutions you need to help you control the fluid flow in your unique situation.

Expert Engineering Services

When you need flow control solutions, we can offer you our engineering knowledge and expertise. We have the resources, people and technical expertise needed to help you solve the challenges.

Project Management

Our Flow Control Specialists can help from the earliest planning and budgeting stages to post-production support. Whatever the project size our team has the expertise required to make your project with Griswold Controls a success.

Contact A Flow Control Specialist NOW by e-mailing: FCS@griswoldcontrols.com