Combination Actuated Ball Valve and Flow Limiting Valve

Automizer® and Balance Zone Automatic Flow Limiting & Temperature Control

Sizes: 1/2″ – 2″

Multiple Features in One Valve – Most coils have a temperature control valve and a balancing or flow limiting valve. Two valves means two manufacturers and two distributors. Griswold Controls provides a single source for both valves, for less hassles and less headaches. And for an added feature, the Automizer® has an integrated isolation ball valve so it is the entire return side of the coil in one valve.

Griswold Controls has combined the equal percentage control of the Optimizer® insert with the precision of the Griswold Stainless Steel Flow Limiting Cartridge in the Automizer valve. The Griswold Controls Flow Cartridge limits flow from exceeding coil’s specification, while the Optimizer® creates a smooth, responsive flow curve when the valve is actuated.

Automizer® and Balance Zone valves are ideal for schools, office buildings, VAV boxes, fan coil units, heat pump installations, and terminal boxes.

Click Here: Automizer® Case Study- Chicago’s Hotel Inter-Continental’s North Tower

Recommended Applications:

  • Where actuated valves and balancing valves are used to control the flow
  • For VAV boxes, fan coil units and terminal boxes
  • Where space is tight

Automizer® Specification Sheets & Product Information

Form# Description
F-4372 (PDF) Automizer® Color Brochure
F-4334 (PDF) Actuated Control Valve Sizing Guide
F-4381 (DOC) Automizer® Written Specs
F-5391 (PDF) 1/2″-2″  Automizer®
F-5050X (PDF) 1/2″ – 1-1/2″ CPP-2A ~ Automizer® Coil Piping Package
F-4498 (PDF) 1/2″ SpaceSaver – 2″ XL Automizer® Typical Installation
F-5487 (PDF) Choosing the Right Valve for the Job: PIC-V® or Automizer®

Balance Zone

Form# Description
F-5558 (PDF) Balance Zone Color Brochure
F-4305 (PDF) Balance Zone Specification Sheet
1D95011US (PDF) Balance Zone Installation Operation and Maintenance Manual

Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Materials

Form# Description
F-709 (PDF) Installation, Operation and Maintenance